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Luna of Cairo

May 16th and 17th, 2020


All Workshops at:

Casa Micanopy

22259 NW 75th Avenue Rd, Micanopy, FL 32667

Micanopy, FL

A short 15 minute drive south of Gainesville

Workshop Cost

Entire Weekend

Includes all 4 Workshops+1 bonus worksop: 

$200 + $7 PayPal Fees=$207.00

A La Carte

Saturday Only (2 workshops):

$180+$6 PayPal Fee=$186

Sunday Only (1 workshop+bonus)

$80+$3 PayPal Fee=$86

Payment Plan Available

email for more information

Payment Options:

 PayPal or Check


Send PayPal to

Pay by check:

email for address to send check

(no PayPal Fees if paying by check)


*sorry, no refunds

Luna of Cairo, Gainesville Retreat 2020
Luna of Cairo, Gainesville Retreat 2020

Egyptian Technique and Combinations

Saturday, May 16th 2020

Luna will teach some typical Egyptian-styled technique, as well as some of her signature moves that she developed over the course of her dance career in Cairo.


She will explain how they differ in emphasis, genesis, and meaning to American-flavored movements, as well as demonstrate how to string them together into unique, unpredictable combinations.


Luna will also break down the movements into "families" according to their qualities and explain how to use that categorization to develop your own unique technique.

Mawwal Workshop

Saturday, May 16th 2020

Most Arabic songs start with or contain a mawwal, improvised singing. This is often the most beautiful part of the song, but also the most difficult to dance to because it lacks melody and rhythm, and because the lyrics are in Arabic.


In this workshop, Luna will show you how to tackle dancing to three different types of mawwals, using the lyrics, singer’s voice, and emotions as your guide for a truly convincing, Egyptian performance.

Luna of Cairo, Gainesville Retreat 2020
Luna of Cairo, Gainesville Retreat 2020


Sunday, May 17th 2019

Learn the fundamentals of improvising. In this workshop, you will navigate through a piece of music while planning a course of action on the spot.


Luna will demonstrate how to listen to a piece of music, establish a movement theme, and use your short term memory to create a performance that is consistent and authentic.


Luna will also explain how to keep your improvisation exciting without doing every move you know.

Sunday, May 19th


Special Surprise Mini

1-hour Workshop!

Topic to be announced soon!

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